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"I swear, I have heard auctioneers on speed with marbles in their mouths who could speak clearer than this man can."


(about his 485 professor)

Dr. Lee D. Coraor, Prof., PSU CSE

Coraor [pointing to board]: "Now, what's this again?"

Class: "Self-modifying code."

Coaror: "And what does that make you, the programmer, again?"

Class: "Evil."

Coraor: "That's right, evil, and then I don't want to have anything to do with you."

"You could also call it a base point if you wanted to; no one ever has, so no one would understand you, but technically, you could."

Dr. Lee D. Coraor,

Prof., PSU CSE


(about his 485 professor)

"Ok, here's another idea for a name. Dominotrix. It could come out in black leather and use a whip to knock over the dominoes."

Coraor: "... then came the PowerPC, and what are those new macs that are out now?"

Me: "Garbage."

CSE 312, Fall 2001

email from CSE professor ... during Spring Break, 2001


"I have put project3 on the web now. The due date is March 14th. You MUST start your project during the break!!! "By the way, this project is not as easy as previous two projects. I strongly suggest you start working on it now and make good use of my office hours this week."